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The Plastic Fantastic

Queensland Rotomoulders are the specialist in rotomoulding and plastic product manufacturing. Based in Narangba, a suburb north of Brisbane and conveniently located just off the M1 motorway, Queenlsand Rotomoulders have enjoyed a long and steady history of rotational moulding, plastic production and sales over the years. Our specialty is small production runs, and customers can also cost-effectively create their own “custom moulds” for special products that are unique to their businesses and the items they sell, or want to expand into.

Unlike injection moulding, where thousands of small items are produced quickly in very expensive moulds, rotomoulding, or rotational moulding, often involves larger, cheaper moulds that are more suited to specialised products in smaller batches. The mould is heated, powdered thermoplastic granules are dumped in, and the mould spins, twists and rotates about three axis. The plastic melts and coats the inside of the cavity and when the mould opens, you have the skin of your part – and it’s hollow. Sometimes two parts are made joined together, and then cut apart, so instead of one hollow piece, you have two thin-walled parts.

Plastic kayaks, huge plastic liquid tanks, yard ornaments, composting bins, planter boxes and other similar items are typically roto-moulded. You can vary significant textures and gain colour-speckle effects by mixing in plastic pellets of different colours. You can get good “granite effects,” for example, with a combination of grey, white and black pellets.
What makes rotomoulding the best choice for short-runs? The tooling is relatively inexpensive, compared to injection moulding. Which is why we call it the plastic fantastic.

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